To Stay or To Go that is the question...

My husbad is planning a trip to visit his Mom next month. I have had issues with his family and she really doesn't have the room. If I don't go he won't take the baby and will probably be upset but, if I do go then I will just feel odd. My husband's neice lives with his mom and always has a chip on her shoulder. What do you ladies think?

4Ronna JonesFort Worth, Texas
    Personally if you have issue's with his side of the family, I would stay home and let him go. Although if they are wanting to see the baby then you should go because that baby is yours too and people should put their differences aside for the time being. You only live once, live it to the fullest and don't worry about what others think. Good luck.
      I wouldn't go. If you have problems with them, it could only get worse and lead to a lot of hard feelings. It may even cause trouble in your marriage. The last few times my husband visited his mother, it was without me. The farther apart we are, the happier I am.
        Bethany Reilly
        Id still go. I believe no matter what issues there are with my parents or my spouse's parents a child needs a relationship with their grandparents. It isn't fair to withhold them from having a relationship with their grandparents just because the children and parents don't get along. My husbands parents have said and done a lot of hurtful things to my husband and I. But I will never let that get in the way of my child's relationship with their grandparents. Also, we are called to love and respect our husband's and if your husband wants you to go then you'd be honoring him by doing so.
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