Dates with your Husband or Boyfriends

How many dates has you mother's gone for the past year ? Was it fun or disaster?

    .... We went on a date about Valentine's Day last year before the baby came.. That was it.
    Well if I remember right... We went to Outback because we had a coupon.. (I was 9 months pregnant...) Got sick from the bloomin' onion dip... got sick from the sauce on the steak.. So ate maybe three bites of everything that I successfully kept down. The kids sure enjoyed the leftovers for supper lol. We'll probably do a family date this year.
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        We have our night's out every weekend. Or try to. We just go to the beach and snuggle. Maybe break out some wine. It's relaxing and romantic. We also try to go places new every month at least once. Wine tastings or old town areas. Classic stuff. Antique shops. Rides on the motorcycle.Always fun :)
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