mommy is being worrywart..

I just had my ultrasound appointment and went to see my ob this morning.

The ob doctor says everything seems good on the ultrasound BUT she saw something that has 3% or 4% of chance that our baby girl have down syndrome. I was baffled because none of our families that included my husband's side don't have them.

My doctor assured me that it's very minimal and she may won't have down syndrome when she is born.

Any of you have the experience like I have now? My husband and I just need to hear that out of there that have the similar experience and kids come out perfectly.... We are scared.

My husband just spoke with my ob office and they explained it to him much clearer. They say our baby girl is fine and no risk of having down syndrome. They believe that it could be a fluke in the ultrasound as the doctor heard the heart beats. They are veryyyy excellent which is not fit the criteria that requires me to go to take more tests.

Its very relief for us and our dear baby girl.

Thank you for the assurance and I need it. :-)
      I'm glad you got it cleared up. They gave me a bigger percentage with my oldest (but her father's family had history), she doesn't. Hugs.
      I didn't worry about it. I would have loved her either way. The only benefit to knowing ahead of time is that you can research ways to help you, as a parent, parent them easier as you know what to expect. They wanted to do further testing, and so did her dad..then I found out the further testing meant sticking a foot long needle into my uterus. Wasn't gonna happen-I'm terrified of needles.
      Yes, the thought can be daunting. I used to help with Special Olympics and the moms just told me they took it one day at a time. Moms today have advantages because there's support groups-if not face to face, then over the internet, especially on Facebook. :)
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