Cold Weather & Car seats

So it is freezing cold here. Holly has to be bundled up to go anywhere. I know the rule about no winter coats in the car seats because it's unsafe and can cause ejection from the seat if it's not tight enough, but boy is it annoying. Right now I make sure to warm up the car before we get in, also I'll put her in a lighter fleece, then take her heavier coat with us if she needs that in addition to the fleece. I do it of course because it's the safe way but boy is it a pain. Anyone else have any tricks they use to keep their kids warm & safe in the car?

    Sabrina Abbott
    Nope, I just don't consider every rule necessary. Still a rebel in some ways I guess.

    But seriously, that rule doesn't sound like something that benefits the child's real safety so much as it feeds on the monstrosity of unneccessary fears of parenting while it benefits the consumer market for children who are prone to colds and coughs in colder weather climates.

    Show me a police officer who's gonna look at your baby in a winter coat properly strapped into their carseat and say, "Well ma'am, I was just pulling you over to check that your baby was perfectly exposed to the chill of the day. You were driving by the speed limit, obeying all traffic laws, and even using your sense of prudence to avoid less attentive drivers; but you're not keeping your baby sick enough. I'm going to have to write you a ticket for that miss. I need your driver's license and registration" ???


    it's ridiculous. Too many rules are for terror. Even in parenting. Be brave, keep your baby warm. ;-)
    8Theresa Gould
    Never even heard of this before. We always wear coats on our kids, some of them would take them off as they got older but the younger they were they wore coats. Interesting.
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