Big Decisions!

An opportunity has come along that could bring our family back to my hometown in OH. We only bought our house here 2 years ago, the job and housing market was terrible and we figured there wouldn't be an opportunity to move back for quite some time. We always said that if it made sense financially and for our family we would move there. Now it looks like that is coming true, but I am surprised how nervous I am about it.

It is something we have wanted and I still want. It would bring us closer to family, my husband would be home soooo much more. But the thought of having to sell our house and move 600 miles is daunting! No official choice has been made yet as here are still lots of details to be worked out. Has anyone else made a major move or change like this with their family?

    Moves are always hard! But you will push and get through and and look back and be happy you did! :)
      Aw.. I would say just do what is in BOTH your hearts.. my husband had a big job opportunity in New Jersey this Fall.. it was scary and a ton to think about. We weighed the pros and cons a lot.. the timing.. everything.. for us, it wasn't the right time or right place.. but perhaps THIS is your time :) Don't be scared to take a risk like selling your home if you feel like the move is the perfect time.
        Do whatevers best for your family and you'll be happy in the long run.
          8Theresa Gould
          Sounds like an exciting opportunity! Hope it all works out the way you want it to.
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