Baby number 2???

So other momma's out there how did you know you were ready for baby number 2??

Our son is 1 (Jan 18th) and he would most likely be 2 by the time the baby gets here if we started trying now BUT how do you know you are ready? I am already tired from just him. He is very needy and when hes sad or hurt or tired he wants me not daddy... Yes I am home with him all the time I do all the house work. SO doesn't help unless I ask him to and even that's like pulling teeth :/ Yes we have talked about him helping more but it doesn't help. So other then that How do you know your ready?

Also kind of scared because labor and delivery was really hard on my body lost a lot of blood during 16 hours of labor and had to have a simi-emergency c-sect.( Baby boy was crooked and starting to get really stressed out) I'm sure it will be different since it will be scheduled but still. Also I would have to go off my anti depressants and that worries me to... baby blues are not fun even after a year I still have them... Ahhh so much to think about.... UG!!! ha ha any help and advice would be great :)

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