How often do you wash your kids toys?

Just wondering how often you wash your kids toys? Also how do you wash them? Dishwasher? Bleach bath? sprayed with Lysol?

    Bath toys I wash after every other bath let them soak in a little bleach water then white vinegar and water then rinse with water. Tip I plugged the holes on some bath toys/ducks with my hot glue gun!
      It depends on what they are. His stuffed animals get put through the wash machine and dryer at least every week or every other week, just depending. His other toys get washed just whenever it looks like they need it. I normally just put them in the kitchen sink with some soapy, hot water and wash them just like I do the dishes. Some of the larger things get wiped down with a warm soapy rag when I deep-clean his room every few days.
        Ever Lopez
        I use clorox disinfecting wipes on toys
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