Good news!

So guess who is coming home??? Thats right my husband is coming home soon I am ecstatic words cant describe how I feel at this point :)
So me and him definitely need to talk about pregnancy preventing cuz at this point I am not ready for anymore kids! Lmao he thinks differently he is like "whatever happens happens" Lol what is some birth control you ladies recommend?? I really dont want anymore kids till my two oldest are in school.

4Abigail Kale
    I'm happy for you, at least with your husband home you might get some rest lol, no idea what's best for birth control besides condoms and spermicidal lube and talk to your doctor about the different kinds, I don't use birth control.
      I take the shot. I go get a shot in the arm and every 12 weeks I get another one. My doctor said it's not recommended for women 18-21 because it can cause osteoporosis. My doctor highly recommends an IUD such as Mirena but I do not feel comfortable with the idea of a tampon let alone something that can stay inside me for up to 5 years lol. There are also pills and patches and these little sticks that go into your arm, not sure what they are called, but it's whatever you feel most comfortable with. Me and my husband don't use condoms so after my son was born we waited until I was on bc to continue to have intercourse. It might be a good idea to talk to your husband about your stresses and worries about having one more right now, maybe then you can both come to some sort of agreement. I told my husband no more kids right now and birth control was the only alternative to getting my tube ties lol. You know your husband best, how you choose to explain it to him is all up to you. Good luck mommie!!
        Melissa Middleton
        How awesome! I am so glad he is coming home to spend some time with you all. My hubby was still in the guard while we were engaged and it was not easy.
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