Potty Training!

I am committed to getting Olivia potty trained, no more chickening out! She's ready and she can do it. We went to the store the other day and picked out her "Big Prize" and new panties, she likes to potty on the potty and she spent like 30 minutes in the bathroom getting on and off the potty and looking at her prize (I have it displayed on the counter so she remembers what she is working towards). Hopefully this weekend, while I am home with her, we can really get it cemented and consistent!

    I bet she'll be potty trained by the end of the week, good luck!
    We want her to learn the concept of earning things. We feel like she is old enough now to appreciate the fact that she gets special toys on special occasions or when they are earned. As much as I absolutely LOVE buying her stuff, I don't want her to get spoiled or think she just gets whatever she wants when she sees it. It's hard for me not to just give it to her, so the earning it concept is good for both of us at this point :) hahaha
      Olivia did great this weekend, even with a lot of people around on Sunday for Super Bowl. She pooped and peed on the potty pretty consistently. We changed our language from "Do you want/need to potty?" to "It's time to sit on the potty" and that has helped a lot. As parents of toddlers know, NO is their favorite response, so we took that out of the equation and it seems to have helped. Now every 20-30 minutes when we say "ok, time to sit on the potty" we don't get "NO" or a fight, she just marches into the bathroom and sits up on the potty. I'm so proud of her!
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