You can say I tried..

For almost two months I held a full time job outside the home. It didn't last long.

After loosing my babysitter, husband getting a promotion, and lack of sleep. Maybe it was the dishes, lack of clean clothes, or loss of money from spending more in gas and extra lunch food that got to me more. I will admit I got used to eating the children's left over for lunch. A few other "bad habits" that never occurred to me before working outside the home.

What was the main thing that I learned? My role as a parent, guardian, and wife. Most importantly a child of God. My purpose.

After I officially "quit" work. I sat down, instead of sleeping, and watched "Mom's Night Out". If you've not watched it, I highly recommend it. I cried like a baby while my husband jept saying, I know how he feels. If you haven't guessed it, I would be the mom that is a complete wreck that loves the idea of a child nursery. I am not one to watch what is new in theaters.

Speaking of theaters the last time we went, we had my in-laws watch our youngest to take our oldest boy to watch Big Hero thinking that he would LOVE it! Sadly he screamed and cried because he really needed to poop. And had to tell everyone - individually I may had that he had to poop. It was a nightmare!

As you can imagine, we now have him in pull ups for the days he decides to tell us he is a big boy.

I'm back to being a crazy housewife/mom/inspiring-artist. Who knows... maybe my graphic design and photography will pick up and I'll be able to find a balance.

You can say I tried..
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