my son is a year old and is very stuffy and has a runny nose. What can i give him for the common cold.?

    If you are wanting to give him any meds I would check with his doctor first since he is so young. There are some all natural products out there that don't actually have medications in them like the Little Remedies brand has saline solutions or other things that can help relieve congestion without actual medication.
      I tried the saline solution for my son it didn't help much, so when he gets boogies I turn on a hot shower close the door and let him breath in the steam for 15 minutes about 4/5 times a day. Also my doctor said to buy the infant Tylenol with 5ml of the active ingredient and give him half of a regular dose unless it comes with a chart for his weight and age. My son will be a year tomorrow and she's recommended this since he was 6 months.
        It may increase your bill, but steaming a pot of water on the stove all day is great for congestion. Bring the water to a boil and then turn the heat down to a simmer. It will steam all day. Just watch it and refill the water before it all evaporates. Hot peppers are great for congestion, but I'm not sure if your son would eat those.
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