I try so hard to make sure my husband can work (he works from home) but at night I would like to be with him. One thing I love to do is cuddle with him. I KNOW He doesn't care for cuddling, but if I'm giving him what he needs, shouldn't he consider what I want to?? I usually end up back in my office completely frustrated and feeling unwanted.

    I know the feeling I hope things get better! Hugs!
    My husband works 2 jobs so we don't ever get cuddle time. I only get him on Sundays and we try to do something fun together every Sunday.
      mine is weird like that ,too. We have an issue at times of him never being aloud or taught to express feelings so the major way it happens is an argument and he doesn't think so they all pour out what he was holding inside. It upsets me sometimes he was never taught that it's o.k. For men to feel and express too. Mine works out of state a lot so my cuddle time is usually when he gets to hit his bed but tired .
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