So Hubby is home he got to see the twins and man I would have filmed it but he hates the camera at most Lmao but he was crying himself a river Lol the past few days has been peaceful the gurls dont cry as much unless they are hungry or needs to be changed I tried pumping so their dad could feed them but I couldnt pump fast enough to their liking Lmao and then they wouldnt even take the bottle so their dad changes them and gives them sponge baths in the sink :)The only thing I am sorta having problems with is the fact that he avoids the birth control convo cause I know when it is time he will want to have intercourse and the pull out method does not work thats how the twins were conceived,and condoms just dont work for him so we have to do birth control he says he wants as many kids as possible and I am just so not ready for more I am going to go insane if I have anymore and he just doesnt understand that. I mean he is a awesome dad but he is not always here.

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    I'm sorry, I know it's not right to go being your husband but maybe for now you should get on it. Still try and bring up the conversation though as much as possible. I know it's hard but in all honesty you have to be okay with having more children because you are home with them. I have two kids 1 and 4 even with the age difference they have the same temperment and attitudes, it gets very difficult and I wouldn't be able to have another right now. Maybe he feels that since you are home it shouldn't be an issue to have more children, you have to let him know your feelings. Then again maybe he has reserves about it for his own reasons but you have to let him know it's okay for him to tell you how he feels too. Maybe when the kiddos are asleep have a nice home cooked dinner relax and hope he will open up to you. I am sorry you haven't been able to talk about it I know it's hard for your husband to be gone. I truly hope you can get through this and will keep you in my prayers
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