More then just a mom?

hubby is doing a awesome job taking care of the two older kiddos but man those twins Lmao he thinks they hate him cause everytime he holds them they cry bloody murder I told him that they are just warming up to him but I can tell his feelings are hurt.

So I sorta talked to my husband about going to college but he doesnt like the idea cause he feels like I wouldnt be home enough and I wouldn't pay attention to the kids,I dont know if I am being selfish but I just really want to go to school so I dont feel like a dummy cause he has went to college and fulfilled alot of things in his life but I just feel like I have done nothing.. After we had the convo we have sorta said wait till the two oldest are in school but that night I just cried cuz I want to feel like I am something more then just a mother..

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