So I have retired our baby carrier and my husband found this saddle back back that has ankle straps and a seat lol. I told him he can wear it i'm not sure about it. It's awful trying to push the stroller in the snow so I have been using the sled but there's no room to carry stuff just my daughter.
Here's a link to see the saddle back back. it's kinda neat but I don't think i'll use it but I know my husband will.

    Oh man! I don't know about that one. With the kid being strapped to you by their legs, if they went backwards wouldn't it make it impossible to even try and catc them...and what if you both lost your balance if that happened? Is there a back brace for your kid? I couldn't tell.
    No back brace, Just straps for their legs, I think its meant for ages 2-6 but still makes me nervous too.
    I'm just thinking about how crazy Tristen is lol...and he's two. Yeah I think I would be too nervous to use that too. I could see me and Tristen both getting hurt.
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