Not enough hours in the day...

My husband got a promotion.YAY. However he already had to drive almost an hour and a half to and from work meaning 3 hours in the car, now it takes 2 to two and a half hours, so 4 hours is lucky and most days it's closer to 5. By the time he gets home I am just about to put the kids down or have already and am starting dishes, ironing his clothes, cleaning up a tornado of toys, or just cleaning in general. His days off are spent with him driving either taking our daughter to her mother's house and or picking her up, or doctors appointments, running errands, or sleeping until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. We now have no time together, it's frustrating because he then omes home with a movie for us to watch and I know what will happen; after both of us being exhausted already we will take a shower after the movie have some quick loving and then neither of us will get up on time and he hounds me for not waking him up for work. Every time I point this out he just says all you need to do is wake me up! It's not that easy he takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours to wake up and I never know which it is plus I can't even wake myself up before it's time to get the kids out of bed and he has to get up 530 in the morni ng. I just want some time with him and he hasn't been able to spend time with the kids since his promotion so there is no taking the kids to the grandparents because he hardly sees them now. Sorry for the rant mommies it's just very hard.

    I doubt it I'm a SAHM and since his promotion we can finally stop borrowing..I know he misses the kids but I miss him too
      Haha oh my goodness Laura thank you and I just mentioned one of these on another mom's post. How mommy brain will make you forget about things like this, I've been mulling over this so much I gave someone else the answer without realizing it!!
        I know how you feel!
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