:( overtired child that's teething

​I have a very over tired Crabby Ava ..she will not take a nap no matter what we try i gave her numbing gel for her teeth and a half dose of ibu to help with teething pain but still nothing uhhhh mommy is going nuts because she is just standing there screaming and doesn't want to be held

she hates anything cold :(
she is very independent and doesn't want r help most the time .... :( she has never been a cuddly baby since day one

it's hard because when she is tired or can't figure out how to get something done her self she sits or stands and screams and screams ....

no matter what it deals with
i have tried comforting her with hugs and just showing her it's ok ...but she normally wants down right away ...

is this something i should be worried about she has been this way since she was born not kidding ...
Sabrina Abbott
I don't think you should be worried. I think children are designed to teach us acceptance of something. And the stronger willed they are, the more they have to learn from us too.

Plus, what a challenge figuring out her love language, right?!

I just think worry is so unhealthy for the family unit, and especially for the caregivers.
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      I wouldn't worry about her not wanting loved on everyone is different. That's just her personality. As far as the teething I agree with Linda a cold wash cloth in the freezer always helped my girls a little. Good luck teething's no fun :( Hope she feels better soon.
        Have you tried amber? She might like teeething mittens check those out www.etsy.com/shop/easybreazybaby
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