Starting solids

My son will be 6 months on the 12th. So far he is strictly formula fed but I expect to get the ok from his doctor to start solids at his next appt, which is tuesday. I was just curious as to what order other moms started giving baby food in. As in did you try veggies or fruits first? Which fruit/veggie did you start with first? Or did you start with baby cereal. My daughter hated baby cereal so she never really ate it, we only tried rice cereal and when she wouldn't eat it we just moved on to baby food. So I am curious if I should still try cereal first with my son or if I should just go right to baby food and skip the cereal.

    We did cereal first but I always mixed the baby food into the cereal because he didn't like the texture of the baby food alone. I think we tried sweet potatoes first. I am fortunate and he ate pretty much everything we gave him, and still does. If there was something he didn't really like we just kept trying and we put a little less in the cereal to dilute the flavor.
      Bethany Reilly
      My children's pediatrcian recommends starting with vegetables. We did with my son and we will with Elianna. There's really no known reason to start with cereal or oatmeal. It's actually been linked to obesity in children. My son loved vegetables. And still does! Then we did fruits after vegetables. Then cereal once he finished trying all of those foods.
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