I hate this!

I am such a perfectionist and hate when I feel like I can't do everything! I mean I know I have a lot to do everyday, cooking, cleaning, laundry, chasing the child, school and work...but I feel horrible when I can't keep things up the way I want too. Not that anyone here complains but it's almost like people don't think I should have any problems doing all of it. It doesn't help that the Braxton Hicks are out of control the last few days. It's frustrating becasue no one else expects it to be perfect but I can't let the idea that it needs to be perfect go. My husband asked me the other day when I said I needed to clean our room "didn't you do that yesterday" and I thought "why am I over-working myself when he can't even tell that I clean every room in the house EVERY day?" One of these days I may learn to relax. Maybe...lol

    I hate it when my husband doesn't notice I did something.
      I wish sometimes I could just relax. My brain just doesn't let me do that often.
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