How long should I let my month and a half baby sleep in between meals?

How long should I let my month and a half baby sleep in between meals? She is healthily gaining weight. She just wants to sleep and its scheduled feeding time.

    I wouldn't schedule her feeding, personally. Feed on demand, she'll tell you when she's hungry.
      By a month and a half, they can go a little longer without eating. I know of some babies who will sleep all night without waking to eat. They make up for it at the next feeding. As long as she is growing and happy she should be fine waiting until she wakes up. And a nice long sleep for baby is always good news for Mommy :-)
        Don't go more than 3 hours without nursing. Breastmilk is digested within an hour and a half from feeding. Formula is harder to break down. Not sure what you're feeding her, but experts recommend every 2 and a half to 3 hours breastfeeding or sooner if your baby wants it.
          :) sounds like you have it figured out. I always feed by baby cues and have never watched the clock. Babies know (and listen to their bodies) when they are hungry and will wake up. After four kids, I don't wake them up once they start sleeping for longer periods. Check on them every ten minutes? Guilty lol. But I take advantage to either catch up on sleep or housework.
            Michelene Parker
            I've let my daughter's a one and half months go until they were hungry. Witch was sometimes between 3-4 hours.
              Bethany Reilly
              My daughter is two weeks and breastfeeding and sometimes sleeps 5 hrs. I don't wake her up and she's gaining weight just fine
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