awful mother

She wines about everything and last night she made me feel awful ..I asked her a question and she completely ignored me and she is pissed about not being in my labor room while I was having my baby its cuz shes sick...flu...and me because we didnt name him the way she wanted to and also because I came out pregnant too my husband told her off yesterday and ill be staying away from them from now on its better this should have seen her face when she ignored me she starred me up down...while I was breastfeeding my newborn...and when I was delivering my baby I needed her to watch my son for a day or two while i got out of the hospital...well the following day I get to see my son at the hospital and my mom and dad begin whining that they didn't sleep at all that my son a lot when he sleeps and that the can't do nothing or go out anywhere...She does that every time she watches my son for a bit I hate that a lot

    Two days ago my husband had to work and I was at home with both my kids and I texted my dad to see if they can cone over to help me and he replied no we have plans to go to church and afterwards she calls to see how it went ...I told her off I said now I know I can't count on you when I needed she got pissed and hanged up on me..... she knew I just had a baby and that my son is trying to cope with the changes that are happening around him and I really needed the help....but lucky I was able to manage on my own but still it would have been nice if she would help a bit...and she doesn't come over at night to help me either husband helps me alot and im so grateful to him hes a wonderful husband
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