I don't know what to do. Super frustrated.

So, yesterday, I expressed some interest in letting my son join spring soccer to my boyfriend. I looked up when the practice would be, and it depends on the coach. I work evenings, so it would be up to my boyfriend to take them if I work. He thinks that that is too much, trying to watch my three year old and our 8 month old. I don't think it's that big of a deal, the hardest part would be the baby. So now I don't think I can sign him up.
Am I asking too much?
I am also trying to get promoted to Team Leader, and my hours will go up from 20 hours/week to 30, and I'd be making $8.50/hour instead of $7.25. I originally got this job to help out, as we were falling behind on bills. My BF already resents me for getting the job because "he works all day, then has to work some more, watching the kids." He knows I do the same, but my job "isn't as physically demanding" as his. He keeps saying that I'm supposed to be a SAHM, and he knew he'd have to help out, but I wasn't supposed to get a job, that he was supposed to support us. He keeps saying that I had to get out of the house, that I never would. He understands I need this job to feel good about myself, not to mention I can buy stuff for myself (I didn't like using his money on myself, even it is our money). But it's supposed to be a part-time job, that 20 hours a week is too much, and 30 is going to be way too much. It's like, he wants to support me, but at the same time, he wants me to quit. Now I want to quit, but I'm not sure if it's just me trying to make him happy. If I keep working, he'll resent me, but if I quit, I'll resent him. It's just screwed up anyway you look at it. I really want to stay, get this promotion, because it's the only promotion I've ever been offered. I don't want to quit after they went through all this trouble to train me.
So, with me getting this promotion, and wanting to sign them up for soccer, is too much for him.
I guess it is unfair, he has social anxiety and can't stand being alone with two kids at the mall for five minutes while I take one to the bathroom. Or go get food. He hates having attention drawn to him because the baby is crying.
I dunno, half of me feels like he's being ridiculous, and half of me feels like it's justified.


Megan GibbsMountain Home, Idaho
    its justified what your feeling....question are your kids also his?? If so he should man up and be a dad....your doing your best to help out he should at least be thank ful and be able to understand you...hang in there...do what you think it's best for your children even if he doesn't agree he should understand they want to be a part of a team and have friends whom they can play with and he should understand that....
    Megan Gibbs
    Only the baby is his. The first two are from a previous marriage. He said he talked to a bunch of people, and they all said it would be a nightmare, the soccer part. My daughter is so used to being with her older brother, she would cry and fuss because she couldn't play.

    As for the work part, that's the most frustrating. He wants to support me, but he resents me...
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    Finally got a job. Jack in the Box. Not much, but it's something. I'm divorced but in a new, better relationship and he's my new son's father. I'm very happy to have him in my life (my ex is a free loader, currently living out of his car).