What was it like for you at 9 weeks?

Hi, it's my first pregnancy and I am soooo sick. I'm having morning sickness, nausea etc...

    9 weeks I was nauseous constantly and my breasts were so tender and I could sniff out chocolate from a mile away
      I was sick with both my kids. Not just in the morning but pretty much all the time. Sstarted at about 5or 6 weeks with both lol. Lasted for 6 months with my daughter and 4 months with my son. I was also very tired with my son. Might have been the 11 yr difference in age lol cuz I wasnt all that tired with my daughter. Big difference for me being pregnant at 21 n 32. also gained a lot more weight with # 2.
      Up to 6 whole month Jenell???? R u serious?
        At 9 weeks i was lying in the hospital with Hypermesis Gravidorum, couldnt keep any food or liquid in, so was on a drip for a whole week, know exactly how you feel. My morning sickness has only now started getting better, started at 6 weeks up intil now and im 6 months and 1 week now.
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