I finally got smart and "fixed" the mattress on our bed. It is old and starting to get to the point where when you lay down you sort of roll to the center of it. lol We are going to go get some plywood this weekend to put in between the boxspring and mattress but last night I put some old blankets there just to see if it would help. Oh my goodness did it ever! I actually slept 6 hours straight and woke up with no pain. Before last night, I would wake up every ten minutes or so and my hips would be so cramped up and out of whack that it would almost make me scream it hurt so bad. Plus I didn't have any contractions last night and when I woke up the muscles in my stomach didn't hurt and my back didn't hurt. I get so bad that even my stomach swells during the day and for a while it would go down in the mornings but it had started to just stay swollen. Today my Mom and sister came over and they commented on how much my stomach had gone down just since the day before. Who would have thought that a mattress would make so much difference in how you felt in the morning? Crazy stuff!!!

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