Bumps and Bruises

... Grace lost her balance yesterday (I'm assuming, i was putting groceries away when Eva and Andrew came running to find me), fell against a chair and bit into her lip.. After I got the bleeding stopped, she wouldn't let me do much. She kept sucking on it and went off and played. Last night we held her down to look at it. You can tell some skin is not attached anymore, but despite being on the inside of her mouth it had a good scab and the bruising was gone 3 hours after the fact, so we just left it.. Had to give her some teething tablets in the middle of the night because it was the only pain killer we had in the house safe for babies, but it did the trick and she was able to sleep.

Got to thinking, she's almost one and due for something that will leave a scar. About 18 months old Andrew decided to ride a toy with wheel down the back stairs. Cut his chin open. We didn't think it was bad, kept it flushed and clean and let it heal on it's own...looking at the scar he probably should have got stitches... About 15 months old, Eva was running and fell on a metal bed frame on the corner of her eye and sliced it pretty deep, took her right away to get stitches, but they would only tape it because it went right through her eyebrow. It healed good, but she has a good scar, too... So now we get to wait to see what Grace will do.

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