Solid food

My son is 6 months old as of yesterday. He started eating solids as of a few days ago. I decided to go ahead and start with rice cereal. He loves it lol. I'm just curious as to how long other moms fed the cereal before they tried actual baby canned baby foods. He's been eating the rice cereal since tues. I know to give him the canned foods one a time for a few days each before starting a new one to watch for allergies etc. and plan on starting with veggies first. He eats his cereal very well. Info from his dr's office basically says that once he's mastered eating the cereal to move on to baby foods. He eats with no problem, doesnt even make much of a mess, pictured is him the first time he ate his cereal lol. I'll be grocery shopping on tuesday and will be getting some baby food. Any suggestions on the first veggie to try? Also on average how much cereal/baby food do your 6 month old boys eat per day? And how much formula? Do you continue giving yours cereal and baby food each day or one or the other? Currently my son eats 6oz bottles about every 4 hours, expect at night as he sleeps all night(about 8 hrs) He's currently 15lb 6oz if that makes any difference. I'm not sure how much cereal to give him, and when you do give your baby cereal or baby food, do they also eat a bottle along with it? If so do you just make them a smaller one than usual?

Solid food
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