Teething time!!

So my little minion is now getting alot of teeth at once four on bottom and four on top which all have seemed to cut at the same time. Now for those minions who had it rough at this time I'm sorry. It's just this kid isn't fussy at all, just a bit more clingy and slight fevers here and there but he never acts sick, still running wild. If this is what teething is going to be like with him I say COME ONE COME ALL to the rest of these tiny white chiklets that are to reside in his mouth lol

    His gums have been very bumpy since he was 4 months I think they took a while to get through they're not exactly even but are steady growing and extremely noticeable. One day he bit me and I looked in his mouth and it seemed like all the corners were coming out first. It looked like monster mouth for about a week haha
      Thank you the only thing that's been bothering him is the fact that we barracaded the TV so he can't get to it lol
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