High risk pregnancy.... should I be worried?

My husband and I just found out we are having TWINS (we are first time parents)... we are both very excited, but I think there's a lot of anxiety there as well.

We are on the "older" spectrum, and the doctors keep telling us that this is going to be a "high risk" pregnancy. I am 38 years old, and in pretty good health. Should I be worried? Thanks in advance. :)

    I wouldn't worry too much. Twins are pretty much always considered high risk and age is always a factor too. I had my first baby at 35 and now this one at 37 and both pregnancies have been considered high risk just because of my age. Basically they will just keep a closer eye on you. I haven't had any complications though, and neither have my babies :-)
      You shouldn't worry, but now is a good time to pay attention to your health and your diet. Fresh veggies are hard to get this time of year (I live just south of you), but you can try a green smoothie. I drink one every day, and I really enjoy them. Cut down on sugar, caffeine, and junk food. I know it's hard to cook sometimes, but I've found a wide variety of recipes on internet. When I was pregnant with my third child, I made casseroles in my ninth month and froze them. After my daughter was born, I had several good dinners that I didn't have to prepare. Good luck!
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