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Ok mommas,
Me and my husband got us an apartment with a 2 bedroom and tonight will be our first nite to stay in it and our daughter will have her own room she has been sleeping in the same room with us ever since she was born hoe do I get her used of sleeping in her own room without sleeping with us

    We had the same situation when put son was the same age. I kept him in our room in the playpen for like 3 days and during the day I spent a lot of time with him in his room playing. He actually did great and probably would have been fine the first night, in reality keeping him in our room the first few nights was more for me. Lol
      We moved to a new house where bentley had his own room after having coslept his whole life I put him in his bed in his room from night one and he did great however now he wants to sleep with me again
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          Melissa Middleton
          We will be making the transition soon, too. Lately, I have been placing one of Jonah's quilts over his crib side so he doesn't even see us sleeping anyway. He has been sleeping through the night since his two bottom molars came it (woo-hoo)! Also, he naps in there by himself and usually wakes up talking and happy.
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