My daughter who is 13 years old was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Doctor wants to put her on Prednisone. Any suggestions or any advise would be great!

    My experience with prednisone it can cause hyperactivity and weight gain. But if its going to do her more good than anything I'd do it.
      Exercise the joints she has it in. My arthritis in my knee developed when I was 14. For my knee they said roller skating/blading, bicycle. Take two socks, put two 15 oz can full of food in each sock, tie the socks together. Have your daughter sit on the kitchen counter, put the tie of the sock over her foot and pick leg up to straighten then put back down to relax.

      Glucosamine has been my lifesaver. It's supposed to rebuild the cartilage that arthritis attacks. I don't know if it does that, but it sure make it so I can do things without being in constant pain. I went and bought a good brace for the joints that have developed arthritis (I'm 29, arthritis in 5 joints) so I have them when needed.

      They never offered prednisone, but it might not have been approved back then for teens.
        This may sound really weird, but here goes: I'm a reader; I love to read, and I've always been fascinated with China. A few years ago, I cataloged a school library and found a book written by a missionary who visited China in the 1500's (I believe). He was so fascinated with the culture that he wrote a book, which was a sociological study of the people and their customs. In the book, he said that he believes that the reason the Chinese people live so long and are so healthy is because they never put ice in their drinks. He said that the Chinese had never even heard of gall stones, which were so common in Europe, where people loved their ice. Ice is 32 degrees or less while the body is 98 degrees or more. When you drink something that is so cold, imagine the trauma to the body.
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