How Old Fashioned Can One Be?

I started out as a total factory mom. The idea of formula and disposable diapers, knowing the sex of my baby before it's born and picking out names well in advance was how I rolled into this.

As more children come along (arrows for my bow I suppose) my methods change. This time I'll breastfeed the first full year and use cloth diapers until it is time for the potty. But I still have no problem with needing to know the sex of my baby and picking out names as soon as I do.

I know my feeling is common. I'm finding out next Tuesday who I'm carrying: Linken or McKenna.

I'd tell you who I'm carrying but I'm going to let what I'm saying about him now be kept in family conversations.

I'm just curious if there's anyone who chose deliberately NOT to know what they were having until their baby was born. Was that hard for you? Harder for the dad? Or was it really cause your baby wouldn't open their legs?​

Please tell of your stance on this subject. :-) Thanks


Sabrina AbbottReno, Nevada
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    8Theresa Gould
    I did not know with any of my eight children and did not feel the need to know. For me it was the surprise at the end that made all my work worth it all. :)
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      Sabrina Abbott
      I did that with Nina. Ultrasound specialist in Bellevue found her business for me.
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