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How much formula does you 6 month old eat each day?Oz and how often? How much cereal/baby food do they eat ? How much cereal do you make for them at once? Note: my son just started solids last week and so far he only eats cereal. He always seems to want more so I feel like hes not eating enough cereal but I dont want to overfeedhim either. He weighs 15lbs if that makes any difference.

    I don't formula feed but just wanted to let you know what I did, I gave no more than a table spoon at first and worked up to 2 tablespoons by 8 months. Though it was different types of food but same size amounts. Like mixing cereal with veggies or fruit as long as it equaled to that size. My daughter loved sweet potatoes and bananas and I'd do half tbls of veg and cereal to equal a whole table spoon, she'd eat most of it. You can thin or thicken food with your choice of water (thin) formula (thicken) I used breastmilk. I hope this was helpful.
      We started cereal at about 4 months per doctors orders because Tristen was so big and ate so much it would make him sick. We started with about half an ounce of cereal and made it pretty thin at first and did it a few times a day. After a few weeks we made the cereal thicker and added a little baby food to it. By the time he was 6 months about two months later...he would eat 2 ounces of prepared cereal mixed with a whole thing of baby food, then have a 4 ounce bottle. He did that three times a day and still had a 4-6 ounce bottle every three hours. So in reality most of his nutrients were still coming from the formula or breast milk. Until they start eating real food their formula intake should not go down too much.
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