my one year isnt walking yet by herself but when i hold her hands, she walks on her toes, my oldest never did that ,,,is that normal?

    My baby boy did that, my pediatrician told me to wait till he's holding on to furniture to stand and then try to correct his stanceby pushing down his heels, and to not help him walk around till he learned that.

    But I did have him walk around a lot anyway, because it was fun, and he turned out just fine

    But I guess if some babies only walk on their tip-toes they could end up needing rehabilitation later.
    I'm pretty sure that's a small percentage.
      Melissa Middleton
      I did that as a child. I have Autism, but that does not mean every baby or child who walks on their tip-toes has Autism. I had some nieces and nephews that did that and they are not on the spectrum. Maybe it is just fun for her or comfortable. I was also told that when some begin walking, walking on tip-toes is normal. But, any concerns should be discussed with her pediatrician.
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