18 months today and still 17 pounds!

Won't eat anything but little snacks here and there. Don't know what to do with her she hates everything I put in her plate all she does it trow everything in the floor. she's been 17 pounds since she was 12 months.

Her pedi says shes fine. He says shes tiny like her dad. She takes tri vitamins.
Mine is 16 months and 18 pounds, but healthy. Am trying to give healthy food in her every meal. She eats good in daycare but not at home. I asked her pedi about pediasure, he said she is good, let her eat what ever she is eating right now. He said pediasure is expensive, so better to give the regular food. She will get every thing in regular food. Some times I feel like wt is not a problem, her health is good so she is fine.