More on Water

Okay, so there are a few of us out there getting our recommended amounts, and lots of tips and tricks from you lovely ladies on my post yesterday.

However, there's a big ol' bunch of us who aren't getting our healthy water in. So! I thought we could share ideas on how to make it taste better without ruining its benefits so we actually get around to drinking it.

So... how about some good infusions?

I'll start:

!Fresh mint with cucumber... It's a little weird at first, but oh man did it grow on me. My neighbor introduced me to this

Citrus- I've heard this is a good one, especially for cleansing. Theresa mentioned there might be some risk with this one though, so when I look up and figure out what that is I'll ​update you guys

Strawberries: Omg, yum. Strawberry infused water is delicious.

There are all sorts of neat infuser pitchers on amazon for cheap and expensive... But a tied off pantyhose in the pitcher works too! (Like the little box of unused one-foot ones... Like 2 dollars for 10 pairs. I'd rinse them first though!) Cotton bag or infuser bag or cheesecloth will work too, if you have some big enough.

What are your ideas for good water (or tea!) infusions to get us on the healthy water train?

    Can my tip be.. JUST DRINK IT!? haha! Jk!

    Although I honestly keep water next to me ALL THE TIME.. my husband almost gets annoyed (although he drinks a ton too) I have little water glasses allllll over the house haha And I always carry a tumbler thing to go :)

    I like water ice ice cold.. other than that, not much is needed - I find it soooo refreshing all the time. I did have ORANGES in mine before and loved it!
    I normally drink mine plain (we have one of those standing cooler things) and also have glasses scattered about the house. Never hurts to change it up now and then though! I've done better today! My big thing is... i'll keep it right beside me. And there it will sit. All. Day. Long.
      My favorite new healthy drink came from FB. It has water, cranberry juice, orange, lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. Heat to bring out the spices in the water and cranberry juice then cool. Add fresh squeezed orange and lemon juices and chill. It is very good and seems to be good for ya!
      Omg, that sounds heavenly! I will def be trying this. I bet it makes the house smell amazing too.
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