Chapstick addict.

I ALWAYS have something on my lips, whether it be chapstick, balm, oil, gloss, something.

I've read that your lips can actually become 'addicted' to it though, and I'm tempted to say I believe it. My lips still crack and I'm a lip-biter. Not the prettiest site in the world. (Though this could also go back to the water intake I've posted so much about the past day or two, lol)

Especially now that it's winter though... ALLLLLLL the time.

My favorites are- Blistex Silk & Shine and also their Five Star, plain ol' strawberry or peppermint Chapstick brand, and Kiss My Face. That and the 10 (12?)-hour lipstain that I can't seem to find anymore that comes in a lipgloss tube. Everybody raves about Burt's Bees... but it seems to make my lips even more chapped.

Do you ladies have a chapstick/lip gloop addiction? What are your favorites- be they homemade or store bought?

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    Sabrina Abbott
    Honestly, I think I'm addicted to dry chapped lips. I NEVER have a moment to consider these things for myself, and my brain doesn't even seem to function that way anymore.
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