So how about my job is giving my 16 year old daughter more hours than me! Don't get me wrong I'm happy she's working and I'm very proud of her but how are they gonna give a 16 year old student who can only work after school and on the weekends more hours than me who can work anytime and two departments to get my hours?! They didn't want me to quit before when I tried and said hours would be going back up and they did for a little bit and now they are back down and two weeks in a row she has been scheduled more hours than me. I will be having a talk with them..I so need another job but no luck yet

    Some states have it set that teens can get paid under minimum wage. If that's the case she is cheaper to pay than you. :( I'd ask them as a parent concerned about her schoolwork suffering.
      :( I don't know. All I could tell you is the rules my dad had to establish for one of my high school jobs. I couldn't more than 8 hours through the weekdays on a school week. 8 hours on the weekends. I could work however much I wanted during the summer. It got me fired from more than one job, but I'm glad he did it or I would have had problems in school.
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