Bad Diaper Rash. What do i do?

My poor boy has a really bad diaper rash. I think its because he had too much food with acid. (a lot of oranges) in them while staying with his Grandparents.Right now I am letting it air out by having him run around with no diaper. Any other suggestions? He doesn't usually get rashes much.

    Air out, baking soda baths. Desitin or whatever kind of butt cream you have when he has to be in a diaper.
      Poor thing. If he takes naps I would suggest laying him on his stomach and put a diaper under him so if he pees it won't get on the bed, crib, couch, ect. Let him air out for a while then I would suggest Desitin for when he has a diaper on.
        If you're lactating still put some breast milk on the rash.
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