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Karma's father and I broke up in the beginning of December. I tried so hard to make things work for Karma, but I couldn't take the lies and unhappiness anymore. All I wanted was a family. I never wanted Karma to grow up like this. There has been a lot of struggles so far. I lost my job, but just got a new one, thank goodness. I lost my car because it was in his name and I don't have enough money to get one at the moment. Getting used to doing everything myself is probably the hardest. Taking care of Karma, the apartment, school, and myself are starting to take a tole on me. Sometimes I don't think I am strong enough to do all this by myself. When I found out I was pregnant, this was my biggest fear. I see single parents all the time, I just don't know where they find the strength for everything. It's overwhelming. My depression is back. I have really bad anxiety. I feel like I'm falling apart and Karma is just going to get drug down with me. :(

    There are a lot of days lately that I feel like this too! It feels like I am falling apart at the seams and everything is overwhelming and it is all going to crash down on me, and I'm not single. Don't get down on doesn't mean that you are not doing enough or that you made any choices that you shouldn't have. Being a Mom with SO much to do is hard, hard work. Us Mommies like to carry all of the burden for our kids even if it stresses us out, it just means you are doing a great job :-)
      Sorry to hear. Things will get easier. I was single for over 10 years. Sometimes I feel it was easier because I now have to clean up after my fiance's son who loves to make lot's of extra work for me. But, you will do just fine. Keep your head up. Think positive thoughts and your baby will thank you with a kiss every day :)
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