My 15 month old swallowed my Thyroid pills.

My daughter was waking up from my bed and on the bedside, I had my thyroid pills that I take every morning. My husband went to check on her to see if she was awake, and he saw her with an open bottle of my thyroid pills. YIKES!! All of the pills were accounted for, if she swallowed one or two I just assumed, but No worries, I called the poison control center and they assured me that she would be okay. So moms in case this ever happens to you, call the poison control center, or if you feel you need to take your baby or child to ER, don't hesitate. Has this ever happened to you???

    No, that's something I haven't dealt with. My sister has an acrobat that climbs to the top of the fridge (chair, 5 gallon bucket of wheat, stool-climbed up) and has swallowed homeopathic and herbs-but nothing pharmaceutical yet.
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