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Bentley talks a little no where near his close aged cousins but he doesn't really follow directions and he hates anything slimey even soap he will cry til he pukes and he hates diapers and clothes like we literally find him naked once an hour and he's always been super ahead with motor skills (he can peddle a bike already and he just turned 2) I heard that a lot of kids that are ahead in something's become way behind in others should I be concerned or is he just taking his time

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    I wouldn't worry too much, children learn at different rates. Maybe he's just sensitive.
      I wouldn't worry. Some kids will concentrate all their effort into learning one or two things at a time. Tristen talks well, but he is scared to death of toy spiders, playdoh, and anything slimy and runs into walls all the time. lol Tristen also HATES diapers but refuses to potty train all the way so far. They are funny little creatures at this age.
        I wouldn't be concerned. Kids learn different. My kids stripped down to shirts and underwear until I was consistent that they had to stay dressed. Took about three days and they got the message. A lot of soap is slimy lol, I can't blame him there. Try goat milk soap-the consistency is a little different. As far as the talking, he's got older siblings, he probably can't get a word in edgewise. :) Work with him on those. When he gets undressed, gently remind him he has to keep his clothes on.. Maybe even start potty training him. It helped my kids when I would let them pick out their own clothes. As for the talking, just talk to him and he'll follow suit when he's ready.
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