i been doing the cry it out method with my 11mos old son its been 3 weeks and he still cries when I put him in his crib and still wakes up in the middle of the night..any suggestions? Or what am I doing wrong?

AlexandraWaterbury, Connecticut
    With my son we learned very quickly that if we responded to the crying at all then he would just keep doing it. Once that bedroom door is closed at night, we don't dare go back in! Lol if he wakes up crying we let him put himself back to sleep. Even yesterday morning he woke up crying and calling for me, which he never does, so I went in and got him. Sure enough he woke up this morning crying. So I let him cry and then stay in there for a few minutes without crying before I went and got him up. All it takes is one time responding to it for some kids and they will keep doing it. It normally takes a week or two once he starts again to get him to stop.
      Thanks ladies...and I'm not breastfeeding
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