Had a great scare today going to a doctor after 3 months of sickness which was diagnosed as a pneumonia. It was a surreal experience, I mean yes I have all of the symptoms especially the chills, but I still manage to do all of my mommy duties and keep up with the kiddos. The doctor kept asking me if I felt tired chasing then around and when I said no he told me it's okay to be tired lol. Of course I'm tired but my fatigue would really set in once the kids were in bed and I was onto my nightimes dishes and ironing duty. He kept saying why didn't you come sooner? Easy answer, my kids had been taken to the doctors last week when they caught a cold and we're getting past it so well the doctor didn't even prescribe them any medication and their coughs have almost cleared up, plus I wasn't incapacitated. Two days out of three months I had to have the kids go away to grandmas. Now that everyone knows I have pneumonia they want to help and take them but I'm not contagious and I've had it for so long my kids have been exposed and only caught a cold. Plus I still feel okay. The coughing is unpleasant, but it's tolerable, I was just wondering why I was sick for so long. So lesson learned, MOMMY NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION TOO LOL

    I have medication, just it's such an awful sickness now realizing that I have it I'm sort of like WOW AND I STILL SURVIVED LOL
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