11 month old baby- feeding solis help

I'm having a hard time feeding my baby. He will only eat puree's and just started eating puffs. I tried giving him chicken cut up and he threw that up. I tried giving him small bits of sweet potato and different kinds of fruit cut up and he just spits it out of his mouth. I've been doing this for months!

I have a hard time feeding him vegetable purees too. He likes oatmeal with fruit in it in the morning, but the rest of the day is a struggle to eat. Most of the time the only way to get vegetables in him his to give him a bite of yogurt every other bite. I made my own chicken puree and he won't eat that.

He cries in his high chair and is not interested in food. And pushes the spoon away. I give him (5) bottles of milk a day. He gets (3) bottles of breast milk and (2) bottles of formula. He started to reduce his milk intake also. So I would cut out a bottle but sometimes he only wants (3) ounces. (But normally its about (5) ounces. But he can drink up to (6) ounces. But I can't get him to drink anymore then that.

He gets his first bottle a little after 7am. And his last bottle his around 8pm. I just wanted suggestions on what to do. Should I just not worry and just let milk be the main source of food? I see his family doctor at the end of May and I really don't want to bring him in for this before that.

I also still suspect he reacts to eggs in my diet. So I don't want to try eggs just yet. We had his diapers tested and everything came back negative. But I still think it upsets his stomach. Thanks for any helpful tips! Sorry if a long post!

    Bethany Reilly
    The main nutrition for them until they turn one is either beast milk or formula so I woldnt be too worried yet!
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