Kids giving their siblings gifts..

Every year I've always just put the name of their brother or sister on a gift and did it that way. This year, I felt it was important for them to choose something for the other. They had a $20 limit and I took them separately to find something for the other. I wasn't sure if they would care that much... lol.. But I was shocked at how much attention, thought and care they put into the other.. And also, as much as they annoy the crap out of each other and pretty much make it clear that they're "over" the other, it was really nice to see how much they actually DO pay attention to the others needs and wants.

They both chose something for the other that I didn't even think of or would have thought the other liked.. And they were specific.. My son, who HATES his little sisters dolls and everything doll that goes with it, chose a pony for her dolls "So that when she pretends when they go to the park, they can ride their horse"... Ah HA... You DO love your sister...

It made me happy and made them feel pride in wrapping the gift and putting it under the tree... ​

    Oh man.. that gave me warm fuzzies.. that's so sweet to hear :) Just shows you how much they do LOVE each other.. I can testify.. my brother and I fought like normal siblings do... just an older brother and sister.. come to think of it, the exact same years apart :) Anyways.. we are each other's best friends now.. we were even really close in HS and college... all the same schools. He's the one person I can reveal deep things to and I know he won't judge me.. always always will be there.. I hope your kiddos grow that way too :)
      8Theresa Gould
      That's sweet. Our children have always been the ones to think of gifting the others. We've never really required it, just maybe suggested it for the children. Lots of times they give a sibling something of their own or make something for them. If they have money, then they have bought gifts. I think it's sweet too.
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