Ear Enfection pain

my son has an ear enfection he is always unhappy i cant seem to do anything to calm him down any ideas it is sad not being able to fix him he is so unhappy idk how to sooth him wht did u guys do.

    Ear infections seem to be common in young children. My kids never had one, but an infection is an infection. Vitamin C (which also tastes great) boosts the immune system and fights infections. The best thing for an infection, in my opinion, is olive leaf extract. It's quite expensive, but look around. I've found places that sell it pretty cheap. Olive leaf kills any virus, fungus, mold, bacteria, etc., without hurting the good bacteria in your body. I've bought it in bulk and added it to tea. The taste is a bit bitter, but if you add sugar and mix it with another beverage, it's not so bad. It's always better to drink a vitamin or mineral than to take a pill. Pills have to be digested and you can lose some of the nutrition that way while liquids are readily available to the body. You can take vitamin C or olive leaf extract daily, and they will prevent an infection by boosting the immune system.
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