Post holiday blues.. and staying in the moment...

Every January 1st it happens.. That post holiday slump.. When the excitement is over and the festivities have passed and the clean-up is here.. packing away Christmas along with your joy as you realize back to school and work is imminent.

Every year there's a part of me, that is more than ready to pack it all away and have my home regular again.. But that feeling of the season is gone and everyone's back to the grind.

As much as I LOVE December.. as I've gotten older, there's a little part of me that along with the excitement, I feel a little dread knowing that it will be over soon and that blue feeling is coming.. I found myself yesterday going back n forth to WHOO HOO.. to .. Harumph. and It was annoying..

So, I've decided.. and it will be a daily thing... to really BE in the moment.. to really enjoy this month and my kids and the lights and excitement and try not to think about something that is weeks away.. Easier said than done, but I truly will try. It's like worrying about something that hasn't happened yet and I hate that...

Anyone else.. got through the post holiday blues.. does it stay with you even during the season?

There are ways of lessening the blues.. maybe planning a small weekend away in January or working towards something and maybe knowing you're closer.. Any one else have some tips to get through the January slump? ​

    Aw.. I know how you feel too.. sometimes I feel that way when getting certain decor out.. only to know I will pack it away soon.. BUT! living in the moment would be totally key.. and a great reminder! I would say even picture years from now (it might be scary) but you will never have them THIS little again to enjoy seeing all the magic as they do.. I am certain my parents even miss that from time to time.. some day you will long for these crazy, busy, stressful years :)
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