So sleepy...

I've been so sick this week with a horrible cold. I haven't been able to sleep at night and haven't been able to slow down during the day, there is just SO much to do. Nothing I do relieves the's brutal stuff, I know why Tristen has been so grumpy since he's had it.

    I've tried just about everything that I can. I wish I could sleep or slow down but if it's just such a busy time right working on top of that makes it harder. If I'm not better by Monday though I will have to go in to the doc. My lungs have been burning all day and I can't keep the fever down.
      The best thing I've found for a cold is hot peppers. They almost wipe out a cold. Don't like hot peppers? Try brushing your teeth and rinsing with mouthwash. If I do this when I feel a cold coming on, I don't get the cold. It also helps greatly when you have a cold.
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