Gift ideas for 9 year old BOY...

At 9 he's no longer wanting everything he sees on the TV.. His Christmas list has 4 things on it.. A wii game, DS game, Lego set and a Minecraft thing.. That's ALL he wants.. Which is GREAT.. he's choosing wisely.. HOWEVER.. what does Santa bring?

His sister is 6 and her list has everything on it.. everything she sees on the TV and out and about.. it's on there.. she's just at the age where everything is awesome..

Her big Santa gift is an American Girl Doll... I finally broke down and got it for her.. but I don't know what to get from Santa for my son.. it's supposed to be that great OMG gift right?? He's getting everything on his list, with all the family choosing one thing for him.. And of course he's getting things NOT on his list..

SO.. Suggestions for the big one? Under $100?? I just feel like his sister is getting her dream present.. and he's getting a sword... You know?

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