Checking in!

Hi all! I've been busy for a while, but I've been thinking of everyone here, so I thought I'd stop by, say hello, and talk about what I've been up to lately.

It's been a nice, snowy winter in the DC-metro region. I love the snow, always have, and I really enjoy snowy winters. We are lucky that we've been well-prepared for any snowed-in situation, and nothing has been too dangerous for us, so we've been enjoying it.

My Angel Pie is going to be two and a half this month! She's growing again, and I'm only kind of dreading that I'm going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe again. I bought a ton of 24-months size in October because Maddie was in the 18-months size for almost a year, but she's already outgrowing this size, so we're on to 2T-3T, depending upon the brand, and size 8 shoes! Like my husband says, her growing is much better than the contrary.

I recently celebrated my 31st birthday. I had a mini-freakout over he number. It's strange for me--I've never worried about my age ever ever, but now that 31 has hit, I guess I can't say that anymore. I think lots of people feel this way about 30, but to me, 30 meant that I was just recently in my 20s. Now I'm officially "in my 30s." I have a bit of a cognitive dissonance about it. I can feel my brain go, "Wait, what?"

My birthday day was low-key as usual, but fun. We went to the grocery store, my husband got me some nice gifts, and we got take-out from my favorite local BBQ joint. My husband also made me a chocolate cake that was like eating a rich chocolate bar. Very yummy!

Our cat Pooh Bear is still with us, and doing rather well, all considered. Over the past year and three months, she's had a malignant tumor removed from her face, she has another malignant tumor in her bladder, she's on chemo, she's got an infection and is taking some crazy antibiotics to fight it, and she's sporadically getting subcutaneous fluids to help her kidneys. I know that sounds like a lot, but if you looked at her and spent a day with her, you'd never know she was sick. She still eats, she's gaining weight, and aside from being old and a little crazy, she's happy.

I am still nursing my daughter, and my husband and I still working full-time. It's a little nuts at times, but we're still making it work, and my Maddie-Cakes is thriving. :)

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